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Clay Paky Mini B

Mini-B features a wide zoom, ranging from 4° to 55° that makes this little luminaire extremely versatile. At the narrow angle, the beam produced is very solid and concentrated, superb for aerial effects. At full aperture, the Mini-B becomes an excellent wash light and it can replace much heavier and bulkier equipment, on stages, in TV studios, at multi-purpose venues and at clubs.
The Mini-B's central LED may be controlled separately from the external ring of LEDs, making it ideal for graphic lighting effects too. More than fifty pre-installed effects/colour macros, 2500K-8000K colour temperature control, a 24-bit dimmer with five curves, an electronic strobe @ 25 f/sec, and Ethernet access complete this highly professional tool

Price : P.O.A. 

Robe Spikie

Spikie, a small, super-fast LED Wash Beam, which utilises a single 60W RGBW light source with a specially designed 110mm wide front lens producing a solid beam. The fixture quickly zooms from a soft wide 28° wash to a tight sharp-edged 4° beam or one of two new stunning air effects

Price : P.O.A.


ADJ Focus Spot 2X

The ADJ Focus Spot 2X Moving Head is as versatile as it is stunning. A 100W cold white LED and 3W UV LED on board with interchangeable gobos. This intuitive moving head keeps your colour washes, effects, and backlights crisp and clear with a motorised focus and manual zoom knob and with a beam angle of 16 ~ 19 degrees.

Price : P.O.A.


Cameo Nano Beam 600

Taking up little space only yet providing a powerful performance, the Cameo NANO Beam 600 is a miniature moving head providing 540° pan and 270° tilt. Equipped with a single 60-watt RGBW LED, it produces rich colour mixes and a tightly focussed 5.2° beam

Price : P.O.A.

Look Solutions Unique 2.1 Hazer

The very short warming up time of approx. 60 seconds means the UNIQUE 2.1 is ready for operation almost immediately.
A continuous output is guaranteed by the fact that the machine does not have to warm up during operation. Due to the fact that the pump and the fan can be dampened, the sound of the UNIQUE 2.1 can be absorbed tremendously
The machine can be used in fields of operation where any sound is undesirable.

The UNIQUE 2 can be controlled via DMX 512. Pump and fan can be adjusted separately. 5-pin-XLR using two following control channels at the desk.The DMX start address is set and saved with the buttons at the display and  remains saved even if the machine is disconnected from the mains supply.

Price : P.O.A. (2L. Fluid included)

Avolites Quartz Lighting Desk (V.15)

An all-in-one console, with high quality hardware and an ultra-bright touchscreen in a compact size.

  • 16 Universes of DMX from the console

  • Expandable with Titan Net Processor up to 64 universes

  • 10 precision playback faders

  • 12.1" angled touch screen with brightness control

Price : P.O.A.


Avolites Titan Mobile Wing

Expand any Titan console for even more live performance space

  • 20 smooth playback Faders

  • 30 programmable Executors

  • USB Powered - no need for a separate PSU

Price : P.O.A.

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